Transition from Primary

We’re excited that you have chosen Co-op Academy Priesthorpe and look forward to meeting you in September.

Transitioning from Year 6 to Year 7 can be an overwhelming time.

The best people to speak to regarding transition are Mrs Cronshaw and Mrs Newsome. They do a great job preparing for September and ensuring things are in place when schools are allowed to re-open!

As soon as we have further information available we will share this with you.

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A Welcome Letter from Mr Blacoe

Our Transition Plan 2020

Our Transition Booklet 2020

English Transition Task

Maths Transition Task

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Would you like to see inside our Academy? – Academy Welcome Video

Admissions Form – Parent/Carers must complete 

It is essential that you complete this online admissions form so that we can gather important contact information from you before your son/daughter arrives at school. Each section must be completed before you can move onto the next. Please ensure you press the submit button when you have finished

Coaching Group Form – Students must complete

Visitors to our academy regularly comment on the excellent relationships and caring ethos of the school. We are proud of the support systems we offer our students and the inclusivity that underpins them. Our pastoral support system has student coaching at its heart. Every student in the academy is part of a small coaching group of around 12 students, from the same year group, which meet together three times a week.   Coaching groups are created by the Key Stage 3 team. We make sure we have a mixture of students from different primary schools in each group. We also make sure each coaching group has the same split of boys and girls with a range of interests.

Coaching Group Information Form

However, we do understand that for some students joining a new school and not being in the same classes as the people you are with in Year 6 can be difficult. Therefore we try, where possible, to place you in a coaching group with at least one other person that you know. This can be someone from your own school, or somebody you know who is also joining Priesthorpe in Year 7 in September.
To help us create the coaching groups, please can you answer the following questions and press the submit button when you have finished.