Student Voice

Student Voice

We use our ‘Year Council’ and ‘School Council’ to reflect the voice of our students. These groups look at issues and ideas that have been brought forward and decides what action should be taken.

The Co-op Academies Trust also run an annual survey known as The Fortel Survey through which the views of students, parents and staff are sort. In 2018 over 340 students were consulted as part of this process. Their views have been influential in shaping some key aspects of our academy policy.


Year Council

Each coaching group in each year group elects a ‘Coaching Rep’ who sits on the Year Council. ‘Coaching Reps’ are responsible in leading at least one coaching meeting per half term to discuss issues or ideas to improve our school.


School Council

The School Council is made up of representatives from each year group. The representatives from each year group take ideas from their Year Councils and put them forward at the School Council meetings.

The School Council meets regularly to discuss issues that have been brought to them; the main aim is to be the voice of the pupils and to make sure that their voice is heard.

A School Council member is elected Chairperson. There are also roles for Vice Chairperson and Secretary.

Members of the school council have regular opportunities to visit the Co-op Headquarters in Manchester.  They meet and discuss current issues with other school councils from across the trust.


How do I raise something?

As a student you can raise an issue with the Year Council or School Council for them to discuss. Let your ‘coaching rep’ know and they’ll make sure it’s addressed.