Term 2 Newsletter

Term 2 Newsletter

Welcome to our end of Term 2 Newsletter! Students have worked incredibly hard during the past 10 weeks, at home and in school. We’re proud to celebrate some of their great achievements.

Science Murder Mystery!

Students solved a murder mystery using science! Check out the video and pictures below. Well done Freya (Year 7) for successfully dissecting a heart!

Volcanic Science!

We’re so impressed with our Year 7 students for creating these amazing model volcanos!

Rock Down Relief!

Our Key Stage 3 students joined in with pupils from across the UK to raise money for Comic Relief, by taking part in the Rock Down Relief Challenge on Times Tables Rockstars. As a result, the campaign managed to reach the donation target of £5000. Thank you to all those who took part! The challenge was the biggest times table event in the country ever – 95 million questions were answered by 174,000 pupils!

A special shout-out to Priesthorpe’s top scorers:

8F1 – Highest scoring class

Rayaan G (Year 8) – Highest scoring pupil

Armaan H (Year 7) – Second highest scoring pupil

Sarrina K (Year 7) – Third highest scoring pupil

Catering and Hospitality

It has been a whole year since our students were able to access any practical lessons. Our Year 11 GCSE students exceeded expectations in the kitchen! Check out their fish and tartar sauce dish and BBQ chicken with corn on the cob and coleslaw. Well done Year 11!

Engineering Superstars

Students perfected their woodwork skills to design and craft beautiful birdboxes. Thomas (Year 9) built the brilliant bird box below!

Oasis Garden Buddy Bench

The OASIS team have been renovating the Oasis garden and allotment. They have planted seeds at home to add to the garden and have begun growing potatoes! Wright Sign Services Ltd in Leeds are donating a ‘Buddy Bench’ to the local school that receives the most nominations. We would love to win this bench as it would be the perfect addition to the Oasis garden, to help create a safe and happy sanctuary for our SEN students to socialise. The competition ends today, 31st March. If you would like to nominate Priesthorpe please visit the Wright Sign Services Ltd Facebook Page.

Priesthorpe Star Simmy

Ex Priesthorpe student Simran Kaur Athwal was last weeks BBC Introducing Artist on BBC Asian Network!

Switch Off, Game On Fundraiser

Callum in Year 11 raised £500 for Mind Charity by taking part in a 24-hour gaming session! We’re incredibly proud of Callum for choosing to support a charity which benefits young people’s mental health. Well done Callum.

Pudsey Community Project – Children’s Clothing Bank

Pudsey Community Project runs a free children’s clothes bank. It’s well- stocked with all kinds of children’s clothes, including school uniform, shoes and coats. The project aims to help people save money and reduce waste going to landfill. If you’d like children’s clothes, you can use the Pudsey Community Project Facebook page to send a message or email jo@pudseycommunity.org.uk.

All clothes are free, but you’re welcome to make a donation if you wish. The team can either make up a bag of clothes for you to collect (including any specific items you require) or you can book an appointment if you’d prefer to look at the clothes in person. The clothes bank is open to everyone and free of charge. They also accept donations of good condition children’s clothes (ages 0-11) including high school uniform for 11-18 year olds at our drop-off sessions Monday to Saturday 10am-12pm at Pudsey Parish Church.

Careers Highlights

In each newsletter we will share career ‘top trumps’ for one well known career and one job of the future!

Fire Officer

Fire Officers tackle emergency situations including fighting fires and dealing with car crashes. They also educate the public about fire safety. The working conditions are often dangerous. Excellent team working and problem solving skills are required.

Study/Training: 1 Year

Physical Effort: 90/100

Social Good: 86/100

Average Salary: £31,000

Desert Greener

The amount of the world’s land covered by desert is growing each year. Desert Greeners will plant trees and plants to make deserts more hospitable. They will also divert rivers through regions experiencing drought, or regions needing to be greenified to sustain plant and animal life.

Cool factor: 8/10

Brain Power: 70/100

Social Good: 83/100

Job Prospects: 70/100