Student Support

Student Support

Visitors regularly comment on the excellent relationships and caring ethos across the school. We are proud of the support systems we offer our students and the inclusivity that underpins them. This inclusivity is borne out by the fact that fixed term exclusions for students are exceptionally rare. We work extremely hard to restore relationships at all levels, when they are at risk of or have broken down. ‘Restorative Practice’ plays a key role in this process and we have dozens of students across all year groups who have been trained as ‘Restorative Ambassadors’ to support their peers at challenging moments.


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Student Coaching

Our pastoral support system is underpinned by student coaching. Every student in the academy is part of a small coaching group of around a dozen students which meet together three times a week. These groups help to establish personalised support and develop strong relationships between students, staff, parents and carers.

Most staff in the academy – including associate staff – are coaches.  Coaches stay with the same students from Year 7 until the end of Year 11. The Coach is the first person students go to for support and will help students with any problems or worries. They also monitor progress, and make sure students are always doing and feeling their best.

‘Meet Your Coach Day’ at the start of the academic year establishes a strong platform between the coach and home. It is an opportunity to discuss progress, agree targets and ensure strong relationships are in place that support great learning.

Additional pastoral support comes from our team of Year Managers and Student Support Leader who closely monitor academic progress and student welfare across the academy. Key Stage Leaders complete the team and the overall welfare system is supervised by the Assistant Principal with responsibility for Behaviour and Inclusion.

The Oasis

Our commitment to inclusivity is further showcased in an area of the academy know as the ‘Oasis’. This is an on-site provision for pupils with

  • Special Educational Needs,
  • English as an Additional Language,
  • Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties.

Our support staff are well trained and highly effective in supporting pupils with a variety of needs and backgrounds. Pupils who are new to the country are cared for within the Oasis as well as being supported by experienced support staff in lessons. This helps them to settle into our academy quickly and successfully.