Modern Foreign Languages


Curriculum Intent

In MFL our aspirational and innovative curriculum is constructed to ensure we provide an ambitious and exciting knowledge-rich curriculum for students, filled with opportunities to experience new things, learn, grow, reflect and question the world around them.:

  • All pupils enjoy memorable learning experiences which spark their curiosity for other cultures and communities beyond their own.
  • All pupils are engaged and enthused to be confident and spontaneous communicators both within the classroom and beyond in the real world.
  • All pupils rise to the challenge of a subject that demands academic rigour and in which the cultural capital of pupils from all backgrounds is developed.
  • All pupils are ambitious and know how to reach their goals. When they are stuck they are able to use a range of strategies to overcome obstacles. 

Curriculum Implementation

Expert subject and pedagogical knowledge that delivers;

  • An exploration of core and gateway concepts, using methods of delivery that are rooted in the science behind the acquisition of knowledge, including first class guided, deliberate and independent practice.
  • Skillful checking for understanding through effective questioning, including ‘pitstops’, that is designed to anticipate errors and tackle misconceptions head on.
  • Reinforcement of knowledge that deepens understanding and promotes the transition from novice to expert learners, with fluent comprehension and application of specialist vocabulary. The transition is supported by research based strategies of rehearsal, including retrieval practice and elaboration.

Curriculum Impact

The subject intent is delivered in MFL  through high quality planning that has clear end points focussed on the core knowledge required at each stage of the learning journey and is skillfully sequenced to address gaps and secure strong progress.

Your statement should also consider opportunities to,

● experience new things

● develop inquisitive learners, keen to find out more

● prepare students for the world of work, well informed about relevant career opportunities● empower students with the knowledge and skills needed to make an active contribution to society.

Long Term Plans