Mental Health and Wellbeing

Staying at home and the change of routine may make this a difficult time for your child. They might feel worried or frustrated which is understandable, lots of families will be experiencing this.

Try to limit the time they spend watching the news if it upsets them. Take time to reassure them and be open to talking about their feelings.

This may be a particularly difficult time for Year 11 students who have worked hard towards exams that will not now take place and are missing their end of school celebrations. Make time to talk to them about it if they need to and acknowledge that they’ll probably have a range of feelings about it.

YoungMinds provide help and advice on mental health for both children and their parents.

You can also read government advice on how to support your child’s wellbeing, which includes places to find information and help.

Guidance is also available to help parents, make sure you look after your own mental health.

Talking to your child about coronavirus

Coronavirus can be a difficult thing to talk to children about, but being open and listening to how they are feeling will help. However, ignoring the subject could upset them more. Be open to talking to them about it to support their mental health and wellbeing

Try to reassure them that:

  • you’re doing your best to keep them safe and well
  • they’re unlikely to become seriously ill and that you’ll care for them if they do
  • if you or other family members are ill they’ll be cared for too
  • this situation is only temporary

Let them know it’s OK to be worried – do not dismiss their concerns or tell them how to feel about it. Answer their questions and be truthful, using reliable sources such as the NHS website. 

How we can help

While students are learning at home, their Teachers, Coaches,  Year Managers, and members of the Student Support Team will be available to help them. Please encourage your child to communicate with school staff and their peers.

If you feel that you need some more support, please let us know.

Don’t face it alone – reach out, we will support you.

Latest government advice to support mental health

Government guidance for Parents supporting young people’s mental health

Useful links for Parents, Carers, Students and Adults

We will keep in touch with you via our website, texts, and Twitter. If you need to contact us, please can you do so via unless you are concerned about a child protection or safeguarding matter, in which case you should contact either:

Liam King –  0113 2574115 EXT 205  

Lucinda Blackburn – 0113 2574115 EXT 214

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