Enrichment is a compulsory part of Post-16 Programmes of Study. It is all about enriching your Post 16 experience. The benefits are vast, and the experience is vital to your future. Taking part in enrichment gives you the additional experiences needed to build key skills and qualities that will make you stand out from the crowd in an increasingly competitive university and job market. Post 16 isn’t solely about the results you leave with at the end, whilst these are of course VERY important, universities and employers want to see the person behind those grades. Enrichment provides you with experiences that challenge you, and push you to achieve your personal potential.

How is works at Priesthorpe:

1 short term and 1 long term enrichment activity


2 short term enrichment activities


Any other combination e.g. 2 long term or even more if you want to (the more you do, the more skills you’ll develop).

Examples of short term activities: First Aid, Cooking Skills, Supporting at House Competitions.

Examples of long term activities: English Reading, Intervention, Sign Language, Mentoring (Y7&8) Enterprise Schemes, Duke of Edinburgh

If you have any questions, please contact Miss Jackson in Post 16 – n.jackson@priesthorpe.org