Curriculum Intent

  • In English, what matters most is delivering an ambitious, innovative and knowledge-rich curriculum which inspires a lifelong love of the English language.
  • We develop the knowledge and cultural capital students need to understand, engage with and influence the world around them, regardless of their background.
  • Students will see English literature as both a constant and an agent for change; they will study texts that matter most, but also explore the exciting way literature is changing and influencing our world.
  • Students will be themselves and achieve exceptional outcomes by developing their own writing, so they can powerfully express their thoughts and support their opinions.
  • The literature studied will be both a mirror and a window, reflecting our diverse cohort, and offering an aspirational view on the wider world. 

Curriculum Implementation

  • An exploration of gateway and core concepts, using methods of delivery which are rooted in the acquisition of knowledge, including expert guided, deliberate and independent practice.
  • Skilful checking for understanding through effective questioning, including ‘pitstops’, that is designed to anticipate errors and tackle misconceptions
  • Reinforcement of knowledge which deepens understanding and promotes the transition from novice to expert learners, with fluent comprehension and application of specialist vocabulary. 
  • Careful, collaborative planning to ensure we revisit and interleave key knowledge and concepts.
  • We work together reflectively to ensure our lessons meet the needs of our students, adapting and improving our practice to ensure it addresses the specific and contextual needs of learners of all abilities and backgrounds.
  • We use assessment thoughtfully, mapping key assessment points to the developing curriculum to ensure skills and knowledge are developing in the way we intend. We reflect honestly on this at regular formal and informal meetings.

Curriculum Impact

  • The subject intent is delivered through high quality planning which has clear end points focused on the core knowledge required at each stage of the learning journey and is skilfully sequenced to address gaps and secure strong progress. 
  • Students enjoy reading and take pride in their writing. They learn how to produce a variety of writing styles and for different audiences, equipping them for the world of work. 
  • Students become more fluent, adventurous and confident in their written and spoken language, empowering them with the knowledge and skills to make a meaningful contribution to their community.

Long Term Plans