West Specialist Inclusive Learning Centre

Co-op Academy Priesthorpe works in partnership with West SILC to offer specialist provision for learners with
special educational needs. Partnership classes are comprised of both Priesthorpe and West SILC students
and benefit from small class sizes, specialist teaching and bespoke pathways for accreditation and qualifications.

West SILC students are able to take advantage of the academy’s mainstream provision and specialist staff where appropriate. This highly inclusive model benefits students from both establishments socially and academically and the partnership is highly valued within the community.

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Leader of the West SILC Partnership: Miss Gerrard (roisin.gerrard@coopacademies.co.uk)
West SILC Teachers: Mrs Purdy and Miss Griggs
West SILC HLTA: Mrs Duckworth
West SILC Child Protection Officer: Mr Wainwright