Outcomes and Progress

Principal Martin Blacoe said,

“Our 2018 outcomes at both GCSE and A Level have offered much cause for celebration. Headline GCSE achievement has risen significantly when compared with 2017 figures. In English and Maths, for example, progress in both subjects will be above national figures and will demonstrate an improvement in progress of an average of a quarter of a grade, per student, when compared with 2017 data. The improvements that have been made in maths over the last two years have been exceptional. Improvements have been built on a platform of ‘high expectations and no excuses’ within and beyond the classroom, alongside a firm commitment to fostering strong relationships and resilience. We are extremely proud of the achievement of our students and are incredibly grateful to staff and parents for the support and guidance they show them.”


Overall Progress 8: -0.03 (2018) v -0.31 (2017)

English Progress 8 Basket: +0.07

Maths Progress 8 Basket: +0.01

Ebacc Progress 8 Basket: -0.39 (2018) v -0.38 (2017)

Open Progress 8 Basket: +0.15 (2018) v -0.34 (2017)

The proportion of students achieving 5 Standard Passes including English and Maths was 51.4%.

The proportion of students achieving the Ebacc, with a Standard Pass in all subjects, was 13.7%.


71% of our students achieved a Standard Pass, grade 4, or higher. 55.7 % of our students achieved a Strong Pass, grade 5, or higher.


63.9% of our students achieved a Standard Pass, grade 4, or higher. 37.7% of our students achieved a Strong Pass, grade 5, or higher.

Year 11 Destinations

Our Year 11 Destinations data is as follows: 2% NEET, 87% in Further Education, 10% in Apprenticeships or Employment, 1% Other.

Post 16

At A Level we are celebrating strong outcomes across a range of different subjects including, Biology, English Literature, and Chemistry, for example, all have outcomes above national figures. The average grade at A Level was a C; the Value Added figure for the academy in comparison to national figures was -0.1. At Post 16 the average progress made in English and maths GCSE resit was +0.57 in English and +0.33 in maths. The structure and assessment of Applied General qualifications changed significantly in 2018 and, as such, a year-on-year comparison is impossible. We do, however, expect that when national figures are released, Applied General outcomes will, once again, offer much cause for celebration. We are delighted that 32 of the 35 students who applied for University in 2018 were offered firm places following the issuing of results in summer. Finally we are proud to report our Post 16 retention figure from Year 12 to 13 is 85%.

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Exam Boards

For further information regarding specific examinations or exam board, useful links are listed below:

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