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2020 Awards: Subject Awards


Tallulah Magginis-Kelly

Freya Park

Ricardo Teixeira-Caldeira

Valerija Kuzmina


Dilraj Gill

George Hargrave


Saffah Khan

Construction Award: Imaan Zaroof

Engineering Award: Sanjeevan Singh

Food Award: Evie Murdoch

Product Design Award: Faysal Hassan


Ryan Hird

Claudia Chromanets


Evie Brennan

Colm Pickering

Simran Bahia

Abe Hussain

Zara Haque

Zeinab Bibi


Harneet Gill

Ines Machacdo


Brandon Puckrin

Rabia Rahim

Abigail Cousins


Computer Award: Lara Abdulrahman

Computer Science Award: Ariana Williams

ICT Award: Taran Singh-Bains


Finn Parsons

Kiran Bahia

Ella-Mae Howson


Callum Maguire


Kieva Bhanabhai

Alison Brewer

Sam Iseli


French Award: Maddie Ramsay

Spanish Award: Eva Chaudhari

French Award: Evie Murdoch


The first OASIS RESILIENCE AWARD goes to …

Yusuf Sadiq

The first Oasis Resilience Award, this year, goes to a young man, who started at Co-op Academy Priesthorpe last September and has done amazingly well. He has had a very challenging year, at times; there are things that he has found very difficult. And he has found the transition to high school trickier than he imagined he would but he has done very well. He has dealt with all sorts of difficult circumstances that have come his way; all sorts of changes that he wasn’t expecting and, as the year has gone by, he has got better and better. He has got better at dealing with difficult situations, particularly during the COVID-19 lockdown. He has been in school every single day, in our EHCP bubble. He has worked really hard and has continued to be resilient, to get on with his learning and to encourage others. Well done, Yusuf!

The second OASIS RESILIENCE AWARD goes to …

Jay Jones

The second Oasis Resilience Award, this year, goes to a young man, who has ‘worked his socks off,’ since he has been here at Co-op Academy Priesthorpe. He always works hard, is diligent and tries his best. He sometimes finds classes quite difficult and school a little bit overwhelming; he sometimes needs a little bit of extra support but he never ever gives up and always tries his hardest. This year has been particularly challenging, yet he has risen to every situation that has come his way and done amazingly well. Well done, Jay!

The third OASIS RESILIENCE AWARD goes to …

Dhaya Basi

The third Oasis Resilience Award goes to a young lady, who has made a huge transition, this year. She has moved from partnership into mainstream lessons and has done amazingly well. When we look at the progress made from her starting point, it is almost unbelievable. She has made phenomenal strides and that is because she always tries her best; she always asks her teachers for extra help, does all the work to the best of her ability and keeps on going, no matter what. She has done remarkably well and we are
extremely proud of her. Well done, Dhaya!


Elsie Dean

Core Award: Tayyab Amin

Exam Award: Unais Ahmed

Dance Award: Claudia Chromanets


Sana Batool

Saif Mehmood

Jamie Asquith


Faith Penrose

Lewis Baldwin

Gurveer Athwal

Woody Lander

Chloe Temporal

Filipa De Abreu

Applied Science: Faysal Hassan

Biology Award: James Grayston

Chemistry Award: Wassim Naser

Physics Award: Rabia Riaz



Jamie Sorby

”Hi Jamie. We are going to give you the West SILC Resilience Award for this year and that is because you have been such a good boy during lockdown, at home and at school. We know it feels difficult when things are strange and not the same as they usually are and you have coped really, really well with that. You’ve made your Mum and Dad very happy and we’re all really proud of you. Well done!”
Miss Gerrard


Sociology Award: Henna Masood

Sociology Award: Alex Woods

Health and Social Care Award: Keira Maxfield

Health and Social Care Award: Jessica Watt

Criminology Award: Sarah Mahmood

Psychology Award: Zahra Khan