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2020 Awards: Key Stage 3 – Ways of Being

”As we rapidly move towards the end of this unique and unprecedented academic year, I can confidently say, that many of our Y7 and Y8 students, in KS3, have risen to the challenges of home-schooling and life as they have never known it before. We can’t wait to welcome them back, along with our new intake of Y6, in September and we feel sure that they will demonstrate outstanding engagement in and commitment to learning, back in the classroom, embracing the knowledge that both challenge and failure are keys to success. I am awarding four students who exemplify the four Co-op ‘Ways of Being’ in Key Stage 3.”
Miss Cronshaw


Porcha Kettlewell

The ‘Do What Matters Most’ Award goes to a young lady, who has been nominated for her work during lockdown. She is one of three siblings and, for a large percentage of time, has been sharing a laptop and resources. Despite this obvious barrier, she never complained or stopped working or stopped striving to do her best, resulting in achieving in excess of ten ‘exceptional shout-outs’, thirty-one ‘excellent work’ awards and six ‘outstanding’ nominations from different staff, over the lockdown period. Well done, Porcha!

The KS3 ‘SHOW YOU CARE’ AWARD goes to …

Geordie Brown

The ‘Show You Care’ Award goes to a young man, who has not only excelled in being a model student before lockdown, but has gone on to show his mature, ‘show you care’ attitude, whilst educating from home. He has been nominated for this award because of his ongoing charity work for the railways’ charity and for baking cakes for his neighbours whilst at home, which will, undoubtedly, have brightened the days of those around him. Well done, Geordie!


Ruqayyah Khan

The ‘Succeed Together’ Award goes to a young lady, who has been nominated for her consistent hard work and for just being a lovely role model to those around her. She has helped and supported many students and staff throughout this year, whilst in school and during lockdown. As well as being conscientious in her learning during this difficult time, she has also reached out to NHS staff at a local hospital, by writing to thank them for caring for a family member, demonstrating her positive and empathetic attitude to life and her community. Well done, Ruqayyah!


Kareena Khaira

The ‘Be Yourself Always’ Award goes to a young lady who has been nominated because she does just that – be her wonderful self throughout these difficult times. Whilst working remotely, she has been determined to continue learning and achieving. She has consistently applied herself to her studies from a very early morning start, every day, without prompt or persuasion. She has also been active in her coaching group and has been quick to support other students by congratulating them for doing well or trying to answer, if they have questions. Well done, Kareena!