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2020 Awards: Co-op Academies Trust Award

Our Co-op Academies Trust award is for the student who best represents the four Ways of Being; Do What Matters Most; Be Yourself, Always; Succeed Together; and Show You Care. 

Our 2020 winner is Abraham Hussain!

”Congratulations, Abe! You are the recipient of the Co-op Academies Trust Award, one of our ‘top three’ awards, so very prestigious and an honour to receive. I want to share some thoughts from staff, which reflect the reasons for this nomination. Mrs. Wakefield says that you have been an absolute credit to the Year Group, making a positive contribution throughout your time here. You consistently show great effort in lessons, behave brilliantly and, importantly, you willingly take time to help others. Mr Pratt, your coach, describes you as, ‘a pillar of your coaching group, respected and liked by all.’ You are hard-working, enthusiastic in everything you do, resulting in real success across all your subjects, particularly in Maths and Music. Your views and opinions keep coaching conversations lively and entertaining and he wonders whether you might be a future Prime Minister! Rather you than me! Mrs. Welford says that she could sing your praises all day! What a great compliment! She says you arrived in Year 7 with a smile on your face and a book under your arm and you’ve stayed that way ever since. It was immediately obvious that you are a conscientious and polite student, who is creative, imaginative, with strong opinions and very well-read. ‘Abe is always keen to read his work aloud, delighting and impressing his classmates. He is a very popular and ‘cool kid,’ yet he has never tried to downplay his studious and academic nature, making him an impressive role model, particularly to other boys. He is confident without being cocky and comfortable ‘in his own skin’. He is willing to put an opinion forward, listens carefully, is resolute in his beliefs but also open to having his mind changed, which is really important. He is very politically ‘switched on’ and has a voracious appetite for the news. He thrives on close analysis and reading literature from an original and thought-provoking angle. He has attended every single Y11 revision session offered to him and encouraged his friends to do the same, really acting as a positive role model.’ I hope it has been humbling for you to hear the thoughts and opinions from some of your staff, Abe. They clearly think a lot of you. Congratulations again! It is a great accolade to win this award and a great achievement. Well done!”

Mr. Blacoe