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2020 Awards: Achievement in the Face of Adversity

Our ‘Achievement in the Face of Adversity’ award is for the student who has overcome personal challenges and has achieved amazing things during their time at Priesthorpe.

Our 2020 winner is Eboney Stringer!

”We are pleased to present the prestigious Achievement in the Face of Adversity Award to Eboney Stringer. As Eboney’s coach for six years, I have always found her to be a studious, conscientious and caring person. Eboney first told me in Y7 that she was a young carer. She explained, nonchalantly, all the chores she would have to do after school and at the weekend, though never complaining. Most of the staff will know little about Eboney’s life outside of school and I think that’s how Eboney would want it. She never wants praise or rewards for what she does. She was nominated for the ‘Young Carers’ Awards, in Y9, at the Rotary Club in Leeds. She accepted her award with her Nan watching, which I’m sure was a proud moment for her. There are many students in this school, who have had to overcome adversity in their life, but there is something special about the way Eboney takes it all in her stride. Her teachers can’t say nicer things about her: she’s academic, ‘the perfect student’, thoughtful, hardworking and resilient. Eboney’s caring side has always been evident. She has been a huge support to other students and a fantastic role model in the sixth form. This award was made for a student like Eboney; she is absolutely deserving of it. I wish her all the best for the future, she will be greatly missed. Working with Eboney over the past two years, in Post-16, has been a pleasure. She is completely humble and her positive and determined approach to everything is something that I greatly admire. Despite the challenges Eboney has faced, she is on-course to be one of our top-achieving Y13 students, this year. This is a testament to her character and work ethic. She never gives up and shows resilience in abundance. You couldn’t meet a nicer person and I am extremely pleased that she has secured a place to study a degree in Psychology and Counselling at Bradford College. I know, without a doubt, that she is perfect for this course. I couldn’t be more proud of what Eboney has achieved and the person she has become. This award is absolutely fitting for her and she is completely deserving of it. Well done!”

Mr Berry and Miss Jackson